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February 06, 2011


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Thank you, Bethany! Unfortunately, at this time, I only sell at local events. I have started to get more and more requests for items, so I may have to look into opening an online shop. Thank you for the encouragement...comments like yours push me to focus more on my creative work. I have so many hopes and plans, so stay tuned!
Thanks again,


I don't see a link to purchase any items! I would love love love to own the green bag you have yourself pictured with. Or I need to learn to sew! haha
Your crafts are amazing I hope to see more :)


You are right....they are closed. That is so sad! I have enjoyed the fabrics at this Etsy shop:
They ship fast too! Good luck finding something you like :)


Hi! I have a question -- I saw where you had purchased some ADORABLE Japanese fabric from nuno plus. I always looking for that stuff, but when I went to look for them they seem to be out of business? Have you found a new place to get stuff like those adorable hedgehogs and deer?

I love the bag and the ipod wristlet (already made the zippered pouch -- love it!). I had to make a pouch for my iphone to hang around my neck because if things aren't attached to me I lose them, ha ha :)


Hi Heather! Thanks for your comments. These purses are from patterns that I created...I am currently making patterns and tutorials for all of my items that I will sell,, so stay tuned for those. Let me know if you have any questions when you try out the zippered pouch :)


Is this a pattern you made up or purchased? Just finished my first birdie sling with the help of your tutorial (thank goodness or I never would have figured out the gussets!) I love your stuff-hopefully going to make one of the zippered pouches next :0)




Beautiful bags! Love the green one!


Cute! Looks like the one I just made. :) Its in an apple/pesr fabric...soo cute!


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