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August 24, 2009


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Allison K.

Thanks! It is very well described. I am thinking about making it for my granddaughter as Christmas present. She loves cats therefore I am planning to sew it using this funny cat print Hope it will work:)

Farz b

his was the best tutorial on sewing a purse I have ever found online. All the other stuff always confuses me but this was very very well explained and pictured. Lots of love


Hello, I am French. Thank you for your tutorial, he clear and is very well explained. I did not find one of them on the French Net with lining and without topstitchings. Thank you very much. your work is perfect.


Very clear and beautifully illustrated. Thanks.

Jane palmer

Wonderful, easy to understand and nicely illustrated. Thank you for sharing. Jane


Finally!!! A box pouch tutorial that is easy to follow and it works. Thank you!!!


Thank you Tiia! I cut the fabrics exactly as indicated.
Hope that helps


This tutorial looks nice.
I am wondering if you had any seam allowance when you cut your fabrics?

Janie Williams

What an excellent tutorial! Just finished a bag, and everything worked out great. Thank you for sharing.


Great Tutorial! I'm going to be trying something similar with leather, I can't wait now!

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