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August 24, 2009


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I pinned your tutorial on Pinterest a while ago, and finally got around to making a bag today - your thorough explanations made it so easy, and now I have a great little customized box bag to gift to a friend for her sock knitting projects!

Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I know I will use it again.


Thanks for the extremely clear tutorial!


Thank you, Kerstin! This is amazing!!!


Thank you, Fernanda! I am so glad that you took the time to comment; I really appreciate your support and I'm so glad you ordered the nail polish :)


I don't really comment on anything, but couldn't help to do it here! The tutorial is great, but I must say that you read my mind regarding the nail polish... since the 1st picture I was wondering which fab color was that! Thanks for sharing, I already ordered mine! And I'll make a pouch like yours today! Thanks x 2 :-)


Hi Martie
I use a pretty light weight interfacing. It looks like mesh an comes in white, black and beige. The bags don't end up super stuff but I wouldn't describe them as flimsy either. I hope that helps and thank you for taking the time to comment :)


I love your tutorial! Just made 2 bags and they're a little flimsy. I made with very light iron on and was just wondering what interfacing you use. I tried using a little stiffer iron on and when I pulled the pouch inside out the interfacing crinkled and split from the exterior. Also it was so stiff I only used it on the outside. The tutorial was great and so easy to follow! Thanks also for the math for larger sizes! Martie


Hi, thanks for this super tutorial. In return I´ll tell you the magic formula for different sizes:

L (length) x W (width) x H (height)

fabric size: (L + H + 2x seam allowance) x H + W + 2x seam allowance)

corner cut: 1/2 H below corner, resulting in a line as long as the desired height.

for example, I made a 13x8x5cm mini bag It´s in cm, so the seam allowance is 1cm

Fabric size: (13+5+2) x (8+5+2) = 20cm x 15cm

Corner cut 2.5cm below corner, resulting in a 5cm long line.

I hope this helps :)


Lindas!!!Muito obrigada pelo tutorial!!!As que fiz para minhas filhas ficaram lindas!!!!


Hi Sarah
I missed responding to your question earlier. There must be some way to figure this formula out for different sizes. Unfortunately, I don't know it. If you ever figure it out, please comment back here :)
Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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