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Thanks so much for your tutorial. I've been a crocheter on and off for many years and often have to go back to the basics to restart the process. I've found your tutorial one of the clearest and easiest to follow. Much better than trying to work things out from pictures in a book. I'm excited to be back in the crocheting world and finally confident that I know what I'm doing!


Hi Blossom
I am glad that my tutorial was helpful! I am not the best crocheter and I hardly do it anymore but making amigurumi is a lot of fun. If you click on my crochet tab under categories on the left hand side of my blog you can see pictures of the amigurumi I have made in the past.
Happy crocheting!!! PrettyModern


Wowie I havent heard of a Amigurumi. I just watched your videos on the head. To my surprise I just learned a new stitch a invisable decrease. Ive been crocheting for 33 yrs and never have seen this stitch. See you learn somthing new everyday. I want to thank you for teaching me this stitch. I will be using it in the furture. But Im very curious on this Amigurumi. Is there a picture of the hole body and head ? Thanks again, Aloha Blossom

June Bjorn

I had been crocheting over 20 years ago, but I never knew how to properly do an invisible decrease. I can't believe how good this is. Thanks for the lessons. That was an amazing experience.

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